After School Club Activities

Aims of this club

These workshops aim to introduce children to a range of percussion instruments from around the world and to offer a perfect start for any aspiring drummer between the age of 5 and 18. Sessions are interactive, educational and based on activities designed to develop rhythm coordination and musical appreciation. The Drumming Club is suitable for beginners with little or no previous experience.

Club activities will include:
  • Creating rhythms using the body as a percussion instrument
  • Interactive games involving call and response activities to develop rhythms
  • Learning to do percussive language exercises using rhythmic mime
  • Learning techniques for playing a wide range of instruments from around the world
  • Learning basic rhythms in different styles
  • Learning children play- ground songs from West Africa
  • Learning about the history and origins of a range of instruments
  • Preparing percussion pieces to be performed at the school’s fun events


Session duration:

Generally 1-2 hours, depending on the time available to the students




To be provided to support what is available at the school

Age range:

between 5 – 18.


Group size – see School Workshops.

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